Keys for Success When Vehicle Shopping

Shopping for a vehicle can be one of the most stressful purchases in our lives. Finding cars for sale charleston sc can be a challenging task for both the knowledgeable and novice car shopper. But you can come out on top if you know what to look for. The key is in knowing a few basic things. The first is to know your budget and making sure that you stick to it. What type of vehicle do you want? Can you afford the other stuff that you need like fuel and proper insurance? If you want a sports car you must pay more to own it compared to an economy car. Most sports cars use premium fuel and cost more to insure given that they can accelerate more quickly than the average vehicle. An SUV is roomy and can carry lots of people, but they guzzle fuel and cost more to insure since many of them have the capability of operating off road. A second question to ask yourself is can you afford the vehicle that you want, AND can you also afford to do all the other things that you enjoy? Just think for a minute about all the concerts, movies, shows, festivals, games, dining out and other things that cost you money. Are you willing to give up any of these things if need be to own the vehicle that you want?

These are normal questions that everyone should ask regardless of what state you reside in. But what about the Charleston, South Carolina area specifically? There have been a rash of criminals who steal cars from neighboring areas including going out of state (like Tennessee) then the criminals either put on stolen license plate tags, destroy or manipulate the VIN number and resell the vehicle to an unsuspecting buyer. Changes to existing tax laws that went into effect in 2017 mean that vehicle registration fees have also increased. And some of these fees might be a factor in the increase of such crimes but nevertheless, the Charleston, SC buyer must be on alert. This all leads me to the notion of having a certified mechanic inspect the vehicle that you are interested in buying before you buy. It really is that simple.

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See, I have fallen for the trap before and boy was it painful! I bought a nice low mileage used 2008 BMW M3. It was my third BMW M3. I was very familiar with these cars and I have performed maintenance on them all. I also have owned motorcycles and SUV’s too. So, when my beloved 2008 BMW M3 started to suddenly run really rough I was more than upset. I did not have an inspection before I made the purchase. And after many weeks of tearing the engine apart and putting it back together then taking the car to the dealership only to find out that the damage was a defect in the internal metal of the engine, I had to wholesale the car in a public auction which cost me a total loss of $40,000. This seemed like a bargain at the time given that the car retailed new for over $80,000 and many of the comparable vehicles with more miles were running $10,000 to $15,000 more than more car. I did have the vehicle’s history pulled which did not send off any red flags. At any rate, had I had the car inspected I might not have purchased that car and I may not have taken the loss that I did. Remember that you the buyer are always in control. Always be prepared to walk away from a deal if you have not done everything that you can do to ensure that you come out on top.