How to Sell Your Junk Car and Make Money Off It

Auto parts can be very expensive and many motorists often resort to alternative means to avoid the cost. Finding cheaper auto parts cuts hundreds of dollars off repair prices. So if you have an old junk car lying around gathering dust you may be able to make a little profit. You can sell the car outright or scrap it for parts. There are numerous needy drivers looking for cheaper options, and you may be just what they are looking for. If you are lucky your car may contain rare parts that drive up the price. Here are the best steps to take to make money off your junk car.

Research Online

The internet is the first place you should consult about your junk car. Entering in the make and model of your auto will provide all the information you need. You can research if your auto is rare, a collectable, or contains an important part. You can also view what other sellers are marketing your specific car for. You can go to online markets like eBay and find what your auto’s parts sell for. The web can also hook you up with services that will help you market and sell your junk car. Some sites even offer you money for junk cars Houston TX. outright. You can skip the troublesome selling chore and get money right away. This is good option if your car is standard.

Sell Whole or Sell Parts

Once you have determined your Junk car’s value you can decide whether to part it out or sell it whole. This decision mostly depends on your ability under a hood. If you can remove the parts without hassle or additional cost in most cases it is a better option to scrap it. However, if you are not an adept mechanic and the cost of hiring someone negates any profit, then selling it whole is the best route to take. This decision also hinges on the value of the parts. If you luck into a junk car that is rare that means you will have aficionados and restorers knocking on your door. In such cases, almost every part from the engine to the knobs on the radio have value.

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Sell Your Junk Car

Marketing your junk car is the last step. Once you have decided how you will be selling the auto you can begin to put feelers out there. Many sites buy junk cars for cash outright. They will come to your home and tow the car away for you. They usually pay the smallest amount but provide the smallest amount of hassle. You can also take your car to a salvage yard and sell it outright. They will quote you a price and pay for towing as well. If you have a rare find, however, or luck into some expensive parts than you will want to market a different way.

You can market the entire car through online sites, physical magazines, or newspaper adds. The “for sale” sign in the windsheild also works. If you are parting the car than using an online retail platform is best. You can market the part, get in contact with interested buyers, and enjoy a large saturation. All you have to handle is mailing the part but it allows you to sell to consumers outside of your immediate area.