Dealing with a Dealership to Increase Value in Your Purchase

Buying a new car can be a fun and exciting enterprise. There is nothing like the thrill of driving away from a dealership in a new vehicle. There is also nothing like the paperwork involved to purchase said vehicle. Purchasing a vehicle can be a long, arduous pain in the keister. Planning ahead can make the entire experience less troubling. It can also provide a lot more value for your purchase. Here are some helpful steps to follow when acquiring a new auto.

Check the Dealership

The biggest aspect of buying a car from a dealership is dealing with the dealership. Dealerships offer a wide range of financing options from trade-ins to loans. They have the power to offer incentives and lower prices. It is always a good idea to check around first and see if there are better options. The best way to do this, is to find at least three dealerships who have the desired auto. Google searches work great, all that is needed is a the make, model, and surrounding area. Searching for mitsubishi mirage charleston sc, will get you every dealership in Charleston that has that car. Pick out a few and contact their finance department.

Contacting the finance department of a dealership is necessary for many things. One can check interest rates, total price, warranty information, preview of products, and explanation of accessories. In the case of interest rates, one can check those against other institutions like a bank. This provides buyers with the ability to get a loan with the best rate.

Additionally, other information like total sale price, accessories, and warranty can help buyers choose the vehicle with the best total value. It is true that in every case it will be the same car, but what comes with the car is of almost equal value. Some dealerships will offer extended warranties that cover all services the vehicle requires. Some have excellent maintenance plans to keep the car healthy. There are also paint protection plans, a variety of different accessories, and free access to services.

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Pre-Value the Trade-In

Trade-in’s are great when purchasing a new vehicle. If a buyer has a trade-in to offer it is best to know the value of said trade-in beforehand. Like everything else this takes a little research. The research is valuable because it will also give you a variety of options. Dealerships will offer their own values for trade-in vehicles, but different values can be gained from selling the vehicle independently. Qualified retailers like CarMax can also appraise vehicles and make their own offers. Either way the value of any one of these options could be better than the others.


The best thing to do is to take all offers, all bits and pieces of information, and compare them together. This review allows you to discover if any are competitive. Competition always grants advantage to the buyer. Competitive prices, interest rates, warranties, trade-in values create numerous incentives for the dealership to make a better offer.