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Estimating the Cost of Wooden Fence Installation

All you require is the knowledge of how to go about with the installation, some household tools and a little bit of hard work and you have your fence up and standing.

Get to know what you really require either through the net or visit a professional fence company for guidance and inquiries.

Set the posts to about six to eight feet measured to the post’s center and then determine the size and location of the gate and other obstacles you will come by. For first timers at this work I would advise you start from the back since it is easier to hide the imperfections from that side, it is not a must you start and get everything right away you will learn along the way from your mistakes. Once you have poured your concrete ensure the post is still in position and let the concrete to set overnight.

After the concrete has fully set remove the bracing and confirm if the post is still in position, if it is then you are doing great and can this time start at the front and attach the rails with a wood block, screws, and nails or metal brackets . To attach the gate hinges you should preferably use lag bolts especially if your gate is big since it will be able to bear the weight of the gate.

After all this is in place you can now get artistic and paint your fence to match your landscape.As you can get to see wooden fence installation can be done at home without requiring you to get to hire someone to do the job for you.

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The bigger the area to be fenced the higher the cost and this is because a bigger area requires more materials compared to a small area.To get a rough price of the posts measure the perimeter of the property using a tape measure and divide by eight. Materials to be used are the second biggest factor that will affect the cost. Additional groundwork as stated will cost you cash and therefore should be considered as a cost.

For those replacing their fence it is advisable and even advantageous to re-use the existing post holes. A general rule to estimating the cost of installation of many home fence installation projects is to calculate the materials cost and double it to determine the project cost when you hire a contractor.

Also take in to figure the cost of the gate and materials needed like nails, cement and paint but they are all depended on the number of posts you use.Wooden fence posts must be pressure treated and rated for the groundwork.

It is actually cheaper doing the job by yourself than hiring a contractor but it all depends on if you are willing to sweat for the perfect fence that the whole neighborhood envies or get a professional to do it in other words it all depends on you!

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